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CW39 Morning Dose features KLOL Documentary
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The Mad Genius

"All I knew is that rules tended to get into the way of really great work."
- Pat Fant

The Comedy Kings

"Stevens and Pruett were fined because of the sex survey hour on a couple of occasions, but it was never us. We're still innocent to this day!"
- Jim Pruett

The First Lady of Rock N Roll

"We were a part of people lives. We weren't just a radio station."
- Dayna Steele

The Traffic Master

"Let's just call it bondage. It's 'Traffic in Bondage,' because everything's tied up."
- Lanny Griffith

The Night Outlaw

"I really got caught up in the breaking all the rules motif of the show because I didn't listen to anybody and I got myself in trouble a lot."
- Grego

The Afternoon Outlaw

"KLOL could always come back, because KLOL wasn't just about one specific music genre. KLOL was about a community, an attitude and a lifestyle."
- Outlaw Dave

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Stevens & Pruett

Dayna Steele

Lanny Griffith


Outlaw Dave



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