101 KLOL documentary

The DJs. The bands. The music. The never before told stories. The 34 year history of Houston's legendary rock station 101 KLOL.

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Colonel St. James remembers John Lennon’s murder
Colonel St. James reflects on the night John Lennon was murdered. Continue reading
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Dayna Steele in Rock the 36th.
Dayna Steele issued the following statement
"From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your support of our historic run to represent
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What did 101 KLOL sound like in 1979?
DJ Greg Thomas, who worked KLOL back in November of 1979, gives us an aircheck to see what 101 sounded
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Outlaw Dave with 101 KLOL Runaway Radio shirt on with director Mike McGuff in 2014.
Outlaw Dave Ranch Ride benefiting Stevens & Pruett Ranch
Legendary 101 KLOL DJ Outlaw Dave has posted about his Outlaw Dave Ranch Ride benefiting Stevens & Pruett Ranch event
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Grego recalls Outlaw Radio origins
Head Outlaw Grego remembers the beginning of 101 KLOL's night show Outlaw Radio Continue reading
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Dayna Steele in Rock the 36th.
Dayna Steele documentary “Rock the 36th”
Dayna Steele campaign documentary "Rock the 36th" to debut Sept. 4th on Amazon Prime and Google Play Continue reading
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Kevin Dorsey and Brian
Kevin Dorsey’s commentaries
"I'm Kevin and I just don't know anymore!" How truck driver Kevin Dorsey became a KLOL commentator. Continue reading
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Ethan Hawke duct tapes #101KLOL movie reviewer
While promoting his new movie, Ethan Hawke duct tapes KLOL's Jr. Mintz (aka Doug Harris)! Continue reading
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Donna McKenzie and the Corvette giveaway
Remember when KLOL gave away Corvettes? Former DJ Donna McKenzie certainly does. Continue reading
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Brian Shannon
Eddie “The Boner” Sanchez origin
We hear the origin story of Stevens and Pruett co-host Eddie "The Boner" Sanchez. Continue reading
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The Mad Genius

"All I knew is that rules tended to get into the way of really great work."
- Pat Fant

The Comedy Kings

"Stevens and Pruett were fined because of the sex survey hour on a couple of occasions, but it was never us. We're still innocent to this day!"
- Jim Pruett

The First Lady of Rock N Roll

"We were a part of people lives. We weren't just a radio station."
- Dayna Steele

The Traffic Master

"Let's just call it bondage. It's 'Traffic in Bondage,' because everything's tied up."
- Lanny Griffith

The Night Outlaw

"I really got caught up in the breaking all the rules motif of the show because I didn't listen to anybody and I got myself in trouble a lot."
- Grego

The Afternoon Outlaw

"KLOL could always come back, because KLOL wasn't just about one specific music genre. KLOL was about a community, an attitude and a lifestyle."
- Outlaw Dave

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Stevens & Pruett

Dayna Steele

Lanny Griffith


Outlaw Dave



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