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1971 KLOL playlist “Music Sheet” June to July


What were the 1971 KLOL playlist songs Houston radio listeners were rocking out to on the legendary radio station?

The 101 KLOL Houston Music Sheet Number 6 from June 15 to July 15, 1971 offers the artists and album playlist of the music the progressive – free-form – underground rock station was playing at that time.

Plus, scroll down below to see who was on the air at the time.

1971 KLOL playlist


Andre Kostelanetz – “And God Created Great Whales”

Mike Heron – “Smiling Men With Bad Reputations”

Gil-Scott Heron – “The New Black Poet”

Melvin Van Peebles – “Natural Death”

Melvin Van Peebles – “Brer Soul”

Congress of Wonders – “Revolting”

Former KLOL DJ Greg Thomas sent us an air check from November of 1979. LISTEN HERE

Weather Report

Rod Stewart – “Every Picture Tells a Story”

Howlin Wolf – “Message to the Young”

Ian Matthews – “If You Saw Through My Eyes”

John Baldry – “It Aint Easy”

Pharoah Sanders – “Thembi”

Indian Summer

Leon Russell and the Shelter People

Albert Ayler – “The Last Album”

Hampton Grease Band – “Music to Eat”

Lee Michaels – “5th

Rascals – “Peaceful World”

The Rill Thing – “Taj Mahal”

Antelope Freeway – “Howard Roberts”

Kenny Gill – “What Was, What Is”

In the KLOL Music Sheet number 1, which covered March 15 to April 15, 1971, we see who the on air staff was at the time and the records they were playing. READ MORE

Lightning Hopkins – “The Blues”


Leo McCann, Eddie Harris – “Second Movement”

Eric Satie – “Through a Looking Glass”

Tim Hardin – “Bird on a Wire”

Paul McCartney – “Ram”

Sunday Funnies

Mike Corbett & Hay Hirsh

Beaver & Krause – “Gandharva”

Lamb – “Cross Between”

Elton John – “11/17/70”

Flying Burrito Bros.

John Mayall – “Back to the Roots”

Peter Kelley – “Dealin Blues”

Crash Collins interview in 1975 about Houston and KLOL

Albert King – “Love Joy”

Charles Lloyd – “Warm Waters”

Herbie Hancock – “The Best of Split”

Ground Hogs – “Split”

Eddie Floyd – “Down to Earth”

Hoyt Axton – “Joy to the World”

Climax Blues Band

The Radha Krsna Temple

Curtis Mayfield – “Live”

Tontos Expanding Headband – “Zero Time”

Airto – “Seeds on the Ground”

The Staple Singers – “Make You Happy”

Graham Nash – “Songs for Beginners”

101 KLOL Houston radio aircheck September 1978

Program Schedule:

Weekdays                   Monday – Saturday

12:00 – 6:00                Steve Nagle Music

6:00 – 9:00                  Tony Raven Music (Jim Pruett)

9:00 – 12:00                Patrick Joseph Ebeneezer Fant (Pat Fant)

12:00 – 3:00                Chapman Mott Music

3:00 – 7:00                  Jefferson S. Nichols Music

7:00 – 12:00                Jack Smack Music


MID. – 6:00                 Frank Jaubert Greater American Collective Bedpan

6:00 – 6:00                  Leonard Liss Music

12:00 – 6:00                Bill Narum Music

6:00 – 12:00                Frank Jaubert Music