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Jack Blades talks KLOL auction on AXS TV

Jack Blades of Night Ranger talking KLOL on AXS TV.

Jack Blades of Night Ranger tells a 101 KLOL story on AXS TV’s “Rock & Tell” with Katie Daryl. Read more

Where is the KLOL vinyl collection?

KLOL vinyl collection

Michael Roos, better known on KLOL as Mike the Tyke, knows where all of the KLOL vinyl ended up. Read more

About the KLOL documentary

The long-awaited 101 KLOL Houston rock documentary directed/produced by first time filmmaker Mike McGuff is ready for release in 2022. The independent documentary, tentatively called “Runaway Radio: The Rise and Fall of KLOL-FM,” covers the wild 34 (1970 to 2004)[…..]

Crash Collins interview in 1975 about Houston and KLOL

Dennis "Crash" Collins - KLOL

On October 1, 1975, Crash Collins, sat down and talked about the Houston music scene and KLOL. Read more

What did 101 KLOL sound like in 1979?

DJ Greg Thomas, who worked KLOL back in November of 1979, gives us an aircheck to see what 101 sounded like back then.  Read more

CW39 Morning Dose features KLOL Documentary

KIOL Rock 97.5 debuts in 2005

Pat Fant talks Runaway Radio Rewind podcast