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Brian Shannon returns to Houston at KHOU


Brian Shannon, who 101 KLOL listeners will remember from his many years with the legendary Stevens and Pruett, has returned to Houston and joined KHOU 11 as an assignments editor on the news desk.

That means if any Rock 101 KLOL fans have a breaking news story tip for TV…call Brian Shannon at KHOU 11!

For those keeping score, Shannon is the second former KLOL on-air talent to join channel 11 in Houston this year. The other KHOU hire was former Miss Rockwear Jennifer Reyna.

In 2019, Shannon left Houston to join Terry Boyd on the 92.3 KGON Portland morning show.

“Brian’s outstanding comedic talents and timing will combine with Terry’s tremendous market equity to give Portland its most unique, entertaining and compelling morning show in years,” Kim Martinez, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Entercom Portland said at the time. “The instant chemistry between Brian and Terry was astounding. The timing is right and the market is ready for someone who can add fuel to the fire that is ‘Terry Boyd’s World.’”

This is a return to the Houston TV news world for Shannon who previously worked for FOX 26 KRIV as an assignments desk editor.

He also served as an anchor/editor for News 92 KROI and afternoon host for KFNC FM News Channel 97-5.

Shannon appears in the KLOL documentary to talk about working on the station’s morning show with Mark Stevens and Jim Pruett.

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