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Colonel St. James remembers John Lennon’s murder


On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was murdered by 
Mark Chapman.  

This weekend, former 101 KLOL/97 Rock DJ, Colonel St. James, reflected via Facebook on his time on the air during that tragic event:

It was late on a Monday evening. I was driving home from KLOL listening to Jeff Jensen as I normally did. Suddenly, Jeff broke in and told the news. I couldn’t believe it and nothing else mattered that night. The next day I went in to the station and was informed that we were doing the Beatles A-Z. I went into the studio, still kind of in a daze and picked up where the A-Z left off. I spent the afternoon answering listener calls. Most of whom were weeping and many were angry, but all of us were sad beyond belief. I’ll never forget it or him or this date for the rest of my life.