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Dayna Steele documentary “Rock the 36th”


Dayna Steele campaign documentary “Rock the 36th” to debut Sept. 4th on Amazon Prime and Google Play

If you are on the 101 KLOL Documentary page, then you know there is a film coming out about the beloved Houston AOR rock station!

One of the stars of the film, former KLOL DJ Dayna Steele, is debuting a docu-series ahead of the KLOL movie.

Called Rock the 36th, the six part documentary series follows her story of he work to get elected as the member of Congress representing Texas’s 36th Congressional District.

Steele’s campaign says the story isn’t just about her, but “it’s a story about the issues and how they impact ALL PEOPLE no matter what side of the political spectrum they fall on!”

“36 years ago, Dayna Steele signed on to Rock 101 KLOL for the first time. She came into a male dominated industry and made a name for herself. Now, 36 years later, she’s coming into a male dominated industry & making a new name for herself as she runs for Congress in Texas’s 36th District.”

Since it is indirectly about one of KLOL’s most famous disc jockeys, expect some rock stars to make appearances. In the trailer, you will see Joan Jett, David Crosby, Melissa Etheridge…etc.

Rock the 36th debuts September 4th on Amazon Prime and Google Play.