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Dayna Steele podcast ‘The Rock Star Principles of Success’


Legendary former Rock 101 KLOL DJ and Texas Radio Hall of Famer Dayna Steele has taken time during the pandemic to start a podcast!

If anyone needs to start a podcast, it’s Dayna Steele.

In “The Rock Star Principles of Success” Dayna will be interviewing successful rock stars in music, business and more.

Mike McGuff: What made you want to start a podcast?

Dayna Steele: Doug Robertson, an AV guy, reached out and nudged me, offering to help tech and edit the whole thing. I was going a little stir crazy in quarantine and thought I’d at least give it a try. Just like radio, the minute I put the headphones on, pulled the mic down, and started interviewing people, I was in my happy place once again. I spent hours putting it all together. Reached out to Angus Clark, the guitarist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra for original theme music, and hired a “voice” to do some of the voice overs for me.

Who have been some of your guests on your podcast so far?

Brad Gillis of Night Ranger, Andy Sharpe (former rock music writer and player) CEO of SongDivision, Simon Bennett owner of Augill Castle in England with hysterical stories about buying and running a castle, Songwriter Hall of Famer Holly Night (Love is a Battlefield, Ragdoll, Change, Better Be Good To Me, etc), Nick Dukart one of the stars of Come From Away, and more. Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles and LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen are coming up. Melissa Etheridge has offered to do it in early summer and I’ve reached out to many more rock and business friends.

Overall, what type of topics will you cover on the podcast?

It is a combination of my love of business and entrepreneurs along with rock stars and music and other interesting people and information I find along the way. Everybody has a good story if you ask. I also have my Your Daily Success Tip partner Page Grossman on every week for a few minutes to talk about one of our most popular tips the last week or so. I am also going back and finding older interviews I have done and taking some of that audio to use – I try to tell a fun rock story from the past at the end of each show or use some of this audio.

So what is the difference between radio and podcasts?

I don’t have a boss or a parent company. This one is 45 minutes to an hour and I can talk to anyone I want to. It’s only once a week right now. I told someone the other day it’s like a tiny radio show to get my fix each week. But just like radio, we need sponsors, advertisers, and supporters.

As an update to my readers, what is like with a shaved head and how much money did you raise for the Houston Food Bank?

Right at $10,000. It’s growing back slowly and dark – I was hoping to find more gray or silver, just a few though. It was kind of like velcro at first. And, I can’t get my family to stop petting me now. I’ll grow it back out and then decide what color it will next. 🙂 You can still give to the food bank, text DAYNA to 41444.

Anything else you want to add?

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