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Dayna Steele and Sammy Hagar ‘Rock to the Top’


Dayna Steele has been a legendary 101 KLOL DJ, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, congressional candidate but now she is putting her author hat back on.

And besides all of that, she is now an executive producer on the upcoming KLOL Documentary!

The 11th-anniversary edition of the original Rock to the Top – It Now Goes to Eleven: What you can learn about success from the world’s greatest rock stars! with an added 11th chapter and an afterword by rocker Sammy Hagar is now available.

I got the scoop from Steele on the updated book and how it now goes to 11!

Mike McGuff: After a decade, what made you want to go back and revisit this book? I assume over the years, you have more advice to share?

Dayna Steele: One of my favorite business books of all time is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I went back and re-read it several years ago and was pleasantly surprised by how much of it is still relevant to building a successful business and network. Yes, there are some parts of the book that seems a bit old-fashioned and a couple of things are totally outdated – but for the most part – it is classic business advice that never goes out of style.

That is what I hope you find here with this anniversary edition of my first book. I have tried not to change much of it at all, just a few tweaks here and there to correct and update some things. Otherwise, it is the book I wrote eleven years ago with an additional chapter from me and with closing advice from rocker and very successful entrepreneur Sammy Hagar.

MM: Is there any knowledge you will share in the book you learned after running for Congress?

DS: The book is updated but the advice remains the same – that’s the cool thing about classic business advice. I did add an 11th chapter, one on Communications and best practices for communicating with others – it needs to always be on their terms, not yours. And, there was a lot of that over an almost two-year run. I am working on a book about the run. It will be a guide to help others step up and lead.

MM: In the first edition Gene Simmons wrote the forward, now you have Sammy Hagar? How long have you known the Red Rocker?

DS: I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit. Sammy had written something for me some time ago, mainly focused on how important your network is to success. Who you know and who they know is a big part of the equation of success. I’ve known Sammy since the 1983 Texxas Jam. Pace Concerts sent me out to do interviews on the road with Sammy prior to the Texxas Jam to promote ticket sales. Sammy’s manager, Ed Leffler, became one of my best friends and a tremendous mentor. Much of what I learned about business, networking, negotiation, promotion, and more came from spending time on the road, year after year, with Ed. He passed away in 1993.

MM: Anything else you want to add?

DS: I will always appreciated what ABC News said about the first book: “Ridiculously sane advice in an ever-challenging world.”

You can buy Dayna Steele’s other books here.