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Kevin Dorsey’s commentaries


“I’m Kevin and I just don’t know anymore”

In episode 6 of the Runaway Radio Rewind video podcast, brought to us by the 101 KLOL staff members that were there, Brian Shannon aka “Eddie ‘The Boner'” returns to talk about KLOL morning commentator Kevin Dorsey.

Dorsey’s commentaries actually pre-date the Stevens and Pruett Show as you will hear in the interview. He later worked for Houston radio stations Z-Rock 106.9 KKZR and 93.7 The Arrow KKRW.

The famous commentator died October 9, 2002.

A Facebook page has been set up in his memory.

Here is Brian Shannon’s Runaway Radio Rewind interview about his friend and co-worker Kevin Dorsey:

Kevin was there before we were there. OK. So he worked with Lanny and Bobby Duncan on The Dawn Patrol show before we got there.

Kevin was a transplant from Queens, New York. Heart as big as you know the city of Houston. Brooklyn, that New York accent, there you know it. He drove a bread truck for Sunbeam. That’s what he was doing. And he liked KLOL and he liked the show and started hanging out and he got by osmosis, he got drawn in by Pat Fant, Doug Harris who was our brilliant Promotions Director and all that, gave him a job in promotions. You know, and brought him into the family and pretty soon after that he started doing his commentary.

And before we got there he would write it out and pre-record because he was scared to death and when we got there, we always wanted everything live because as you very well know that organic deal if you record it, or record it two or three times, you lose the spark. So we wanted to do it live. And I remember the very first time he was starting to do the commentary live and we threw it to him, and we’re like you know, “Hey, if you want to bring notes, bring notes, but want you to read it live on the air.”

So we do the intro, you know, and here’s Kevin and his theme music and he’s like [loudly rattling a piece of paper] and he’s reading it. You can hear it about as much as him and you know it was it took him a while to get used to it.

But when he got back and got comfortable with it it made a 110 percent difference in how much funnier it was, how much more heartfelt it came across, and you know he was just as politically incorrect as we were. You know that Queens background, he told it like he was and all that stuff. And then he came up with the signature out on his own, “I’m Kevin and I just don’t know anymore.”