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KLOL 1972 playlist January “Music Rap Sheet”


The KLOL 1972 playlist “Music Rap Sheet” from January of 1972 contains lots of music that doesn’t seem to have survived from the underground version of the station.

The KLOL “Music Rap Sheet” was basically a folded newsletter that went out to Houston record shops that listed what KLOL was playing at the time.

You wouldn’t have heard many of these songs in the AOR (Album Oriented Rock) formatted days later on in the rock station’s history.

The sheet states the music format of the station at the time was:

MUSIC: Progressive free-form, KLOL air people select their own music. No play lists. Just good wax ‘n fax.

NEWS: KLOL airs community-oriented five-minute newscasts at 3am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 8am, 12 noon, 3pm, 5pm, 6pm. Daily astrological analysis at the end of each newscast…

COMMERCIALS: Not many. KLOL never airs more than 8 minutes of commercials during any one hour period (4 minutes maximum per hour from midnight to 6am). These limitation compare to 15 and 18 minute commercial hours for other broadcast media.”

Here are the songs and albums that 101 KLOL Houston was playing on air in January of 1972.

KLOL 1972 playlist – January

The Mahavishnu Orchestra – “Inner Mounting Flame”

War – “All Day Music’

Jade Warrior

Marc Benno – ‘Minnows’

Nilsson – ‘Nilsson Schmilsson’

Kantner, Slick – ‘Sunfighter’

Papa John Creach

California 99

The Floating House Band

Former KLOL DJ Greg Thomas sent us an air check from November of 1979. LISTEN HERE


Miles Davis – “Live/Evil’

Yes – “Fragile’

Richie Havens – “Blind Decree’

Climax Chicago – “Tightly Knit”

Gentle Giant

Seals & Croft – “Year of Sunday”

Sandy Denny – “North Star”

Roberta Flack – “Quiet Fire”

Pink Floyd – “Meddle”

Moody Blues – “Every Good Boy”

Curved Air – “Second”

T. Rex – “Electric Warrior”

Amond Duul – “II”

In the KLOL Music Sheet number 1, which covered March 15 to April 15, 1971, we see who the on air staff was at the time and the records they were playing. READ MORE

Sadduth Brand – “Whole Earth Rhythm”

Mark Almond – “II”

Alice Cooper – “Killer”

Ken Nordine – “Your Town”

Family – “Fearless”

Concert for Bangla Desh

Captain Beefhart – “The Spotlight Kid”

Santana – “It’s a Beautiful Day”

Crash Collins interview in 1975 about Houston and KLOL


Wings – “Wild Life”

Fleetwood Mac – “Future Games”

Jeff Beck – “Rough & Ready”

Isaac Hayes – “Black Moses”

Rita Coolidge – “Nice Feelin”

Van Morrison – “Tupelo Honey”

John Martin – “Bless the Water”

Carole King – “Music”

Modern Jazz Quartet – “Plastic Dreams”

Ravi Shankar – “Raga”

Taj  Mahal – “Happy To Be”

Led Zeppelin

Sly & Stone – “Riot Goin On” 

101 KLOL Houston radio aircheck September 1978


Air Staff:

12M – 6am     Leonard Liss

6am – 9am     Tony Raven (Jim Pruett)

9am – 12N      Mike Hart

12N – 3pm      Chapman Mott

3pm – 7pm     Dr. Wax (Pat Fant)

7pm – 12M     Steve Nagle


Mike Hart

Bill Narum


Frank Jaubert 


Station manager – Rick Rawlinson

Program Director – Tony Raven (Jim Pruett)

Music Director – Pat Fant

Production Director – Frank Jaubert

News Director – Richard Green

Traffic Director – Kathy Hartwell

Public Service – Susie Hines

Sales Secretary – Maggie Ortiz

Account Executives – Bo Brody, Jim Gilligan, Russ Noland


PO Box 52370
Houston, Texas 77052

Studios: 6th Floor, Rice Hotel Annex