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Meat Loaf’s ties to KLOL


Meat Loaf, a Dallas native born as Marvin Lee Aday, has died at the age of 74.

101 KLOL and Meat Loaf, both of Texas, had history together.

In fact, Meat Loaf pitched at KLOL’s Rock and Roll Softball Championship Of The World held at the Houston Astrodome on September 2, 1990.

KLOL promotions director Doug Harris wrote more about it on Facebook.

“On page 231 of his autobiography, you’ll see a photo of Meat wearing an Outlaw Radio jersey while pitching a softball.

What the photo does not show is that the batter is Sam Kinison and the short stop is Joan Jett.

The game, billed as KLOL’s Rick n Roll Softball Championship of the World, is being played in the Astrodome.

A fierce battle between Stevens and Pruett’s Groove Dogs and Grego’s Radio Outlaws.”

– Doug Harris

In the below video, you can see the moment when Meat Loaf would do anything to keep Kinison off base, which included even tackling him!

Surely more of these stories will be shared at the upcoming 2022 KLOL reunion with former 101 DJs Scott T. Phillips and confirmed guests Dayna Steele and Moby.

You can see more photos of Meat Loaf in Houston at RockinHouston.