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Mike McGuff Talks About His Documentary ‘Runaway Radio’

‘Runaway Radio’ is a documentary with a runtime of just 83 minutes that explores the impact of radio in the pre-digital age, emphasizing the influence of Houston’s 101 KLOL. The film features insights from renowned musicians like Lyle Lovett and Melissa Etheridge, as well as top radio DJs across the United States. It traces the station’s evolution from a progressive radio station in 1970 to one of several Album Oriented Rock (AOR) stations nationwide. The documentary highlights the era when on-air personalities sometimes overshadowed the music itself.

KISS Kasket connection to “Runaway Radio” documentary

KISS Kasket

Pat Fant, the founding father of 101 KLOL, not only signed on to the legendary Houston rock station but also created the KISS Kasket.

“Runaway Radio” on DVD

Runaway Radio on DVD

“Runaway Radio,” the 101 KLOL documentary, is now available on DVD with extra footage from Dusty Hill, Sammy Hagar, Crash, Grego, and more! Amazon Cactus Music! (Or buy in person at Houston location) Walmart Barnes & Noble If you like[…..]

Star Cinema Grill shows “Runaway Radio” across Houston

"Runaway Radio" screening at Star Cinema Grill Houston-area locations.

“Runaway Radio” the 101 KLOL documentary will be screening across the Houston area at select Star Cinema Grill locations starting March 29th through April 3rd.

Studio Movie Grill City Centre “Runaway Radio” screening 3-21

“Runaway Radio” the 101 KLOL documentary will have its next Houston screening 7:30pm, Thursday, March 21, 2024 at Studio Movie Grill City Centre.

Watch “Runaway Radio”

"Runaway Radio" the 101 KLOL documentary

“Runaway Radio” the 101 KLOL documentary is now available to rent or buy through the major video-on-demand (VOD) platforms such as: iTunes Amazon Google Play VUDU YouTube Tubi If you like the film, please leave a review or stars! It[…..]

Runaway Radio KLOL documentary 2024 release and screening

Runaway Radio KLOL documentary screening at Alamo Drafthouse Houston

On March 2, 2024, there will be a 6:30pm and 9pm screening in the Houston area at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema LaCenterra in Katy.

Dayna Steele podcast ‘The Rock Star Principles of Success’

Dayna Steele with Night Ranger in 2018

Former Rock 101 KLOL DJ Dayna Steele has taken time during the pandemic to start a podcast called “The Rock Star Principles of Success.”

About the 101 KLOL documentary “Runaway Radio”

"Runaway Radio" the 101 KLOL documentary

The long-awaited 101 KLOL Houston rock documentary, “Runaway Radio,” directed/produced by first-time filmmaker and Texas media blogger Mike McGuff, was released on VOD platforms February 27, 2024 with the Houston big screen movie theater debut at the Alamo Drafthouse March[…..]

Dayna Steele documentary “Rock the 36th”

Dayna Steele in Rock the 36th.

Dayna Steele campaign documentary “Rock the 36th” to debut Sept. 4th on Amazon Prime and Google Play