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Stevens and Pruett Ranch benefit


The Bonfire Texas Music Festival Re-Ignites Houston Songwriting Heritage

The 3rd Annual The Bonfire Texas at the Stevens and Pruett Ranch on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 1pm to 9:30pm features all day live music, BBQ, games for kids of all ages, bonfire and animal rescue and vendor tents.

Proceeds benefit Stevens and Pruett Ranch for children and animal rescues Best Friends Animal Society, Belles Buds Rescue and All Border Collie Rescue.

Headliners hitting the main stage are Jesse Raub Jr. and two time Female Vocalist of the Year and NBC The Voice finalist Holly Tucker.

With the backdrop of the Stevens and Pruett Ranch Chapel, new this year is the acoustic stage Jim Pruett helped build.

Ken Gaines, Charles Bryant, Alex Coba, Scott Sean White, Sarah Golden and Olivia Bogard will each take the Chapel stage for 40 minutes to showcase the best of their original music.

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The Bonfire Texas Schedule:

1 PM – 9:30 PM – Live Music!

1 PM – 6:45 PM – Acoustic Chapel Stage

1 PM – 6 PM – Save Them All Saturday and Vendor Tents

5 PM – 8:30 PM – BBQ

7:02 PM – The Bonfire

7 PM – 9:30 PM – Main Stage

About The Bonfire Texas Music Festival Gone to the Dogs
The Bonfire Texas Music Festival Gone to the Dogs is a family-friendly music festival that supports Texas performing songwriters and gives back to animal rescue. To date The Bonfire Texas and its sister property Houston Live TV have given over $10,000 to animal rescue. To learn more visit

About Stevens and Pruett Ranch
The Stevens & Pruett Foundation for Children and Animals, founded by Jim and Joy Pruett in the early 1980′s sits on a 38-acre ranch providing a foster home for girls and rescued animals. Young girls ranging in age, are provided a safe place to rest their heads, given warm meals and love. Abused animals are nursed back to good health with the able assistance of the girls. When possible we find adoptive homes for the animals; however, in most cases, these animals will call the Ranch their everlasting home. To learn more, visit

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