Kevin Dorsey’s commentaries

Kevin Dorsey and Brian "Eddie The Boner" Shannon

“I’m Kevin and I just don’t know anymore!” How truck driver Kevin Dorsey became a KLOL commentator. Read more

101 KLOL Houston TV ad (1985)

“In Houston, there is only 101 way to rock!”  goes this very 1980s looking 101 KLOL commercial.  This was back in the K-101 days when the Rusk owned station was using “The Legend Continues” tag line.

Eddie “The Boner” Sanchez origin

Brian Shannon

We hear the origin story of Stevens and Pruett co-host Eddie “The Boner” Sanchez. Read more

EP. #8 Runaway Radio Rewind “Moby Vs. Stevens & Pruett”

Runaway Radio Rewind #6 “Working with Stevens & Pruett”

“Getting Stevens and Pruett to KLOL” Runaway Radio Rewind #5

Runaway Radio Rewind #3: “Eddie The Boner Sanchez, Bits Gone Wrong”