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Rock 101 KLOL Houston stories from the 1990s.

Dayna Steele wouldn’t give up until she worked at KLOL

“And Stevens and Pruett came in and the rest of us could pretty much get away with anything because they pushed it so far.”

Grego talks 101 KLOL days

The Kyle King Podcast interviews 101 KLOL DJ Grego about his days at the legendary AOR station.

KLOL Christmas recipe to knock you off your feet

Let’s listen to one of Bill Moffett’s famous December concoctions…his fruitcake recipe!

Kevin Dorsey’s commentaries

“I’m Kevin and I just don’t know anymore!” How truck driver Kevin Dorsey became a KLOL commentator.

Donna McKenzie and the Corvette giveaway

Remember when KLOL gave away Corvettes? Former DJ Donna McKenzie certainly does.

How Donna McKenzie turned off 101 KLOL

Former 101 KLOL DJ, Donna McKenzie, relived some great tales from the legendary station.

EP. #8 Runaway Radio Rewind “Moby Vs. Stevens & Pruett”

Pat Fant talks about Moby vs. Stevens and Pruett. Plus, an interview with Dom Deluise.

Runaway Radio Rewind #6 “Working with Stevens & Pruett”

Interview with Brian Shannon aka Eddie “The Boner” Sanchez who talks about the 101 KLOL Stevens and Pruett beef with Moby.

“Donna’s Corvette Promotion Story” – Runaway Radio Rewind #4:

Donna McKenzie talks about her experience with the epic 101 KLOL Houston corvette giveaway.

“Eddie The Boner Sanchez, Bits Gone Wrong” – Runaway Radio Rewind #3:

The Runaway Radio Rewind Podcast is produced by RFC Media and is separate from the KLOL Documentary.