Mike McGuff Talks About His Documentary ‘Runaway Radio’

‘Runaway Radio’ is a documentary with a runtime of just 83 minutes that explores the impact of radio in the pre-digital age, emphasizing the influence of Houston’s 101 KLOL. The film features insights from renowned musicians like Lyle Lovett and Melissa Etheridge, as well as top radio DJs across the United States. It traces the station’s evolution from a progressive radio station in 1970 to one of several Album Oriented Rock (AOR) stations nationwide. The documentary highlights the era when on-air personalities sometimes overshadowed the music itself.

Mike McGuff on long-awaited documentary about legendary Houston radio station 101 KLOL-FM

We’re talking to Mike McGuff, he’s responsible for the long-awaited documentary “Runaway Radio.” In its heyday, KLOL-FM was one of the top rock stations in the country. But all good things must come to an end, the risky and raunchy station faded by the late 90s. We’re taking a look back at some of the film’s best and biggest moments with top radio DJ’s from across the U.S.

Dayna’s Diner: Dayna Steele Houston Radio Platinum interview

Director Mike McGuff talks with Dayna Steele about the Runaway Radio doc, why it took 14 years to get it made, and what comes next. 

20 Minutes with…Mike McGuff. Director of “Runaway Radio”

Director Mike McGuff discussed the “Runaway Radio” 101 KLOL documentary release with Michael Garfield, the High Tech Texan, on KPRC AM 950!

2023 Sound Unseen Film Festival: Jeffrey Brown & Mike McGuff – RUNAWAY RADIO

Filmmakers Jeffrey Brown & Mike McGuff sits down with Selig Film News’ Gadi Elkon at the 2023 Sound Unseen Film Festival to talk about their doc RUNWAY RADIO.

Thanksgiving Uncle Waldo

101 KLOL morning team Stevens and Pruett perform a classic Uncle Waldo script during the Thanksgiving season.

“Pat Fant the Legend” – Runaway Radio Rewind Ep. #30

Founding 101 KLOL father Pat Fant truly is a living legend in radio! Fant breaks down his story of how the legend AOR rocker began.

“The Beginning of Outlaw Radio” – Runaway Radio Rewind Ep. #28

The one and only 101 KLOL DJ Grego and nighttime show Outlaw Radio’s origins. Don’t miss Uncle Waldo!

“Radio Row with Donna McKenzie” – Runaway Radio Rewind Ep. #27

Former 101 KLOL DJ Donna McKenzie is back! She has amazing stories of celebrities and rock stars you will not believe.

“KLOL & The Media Giants” – Runaway Radio Rewind Ep. #26

We are revisiting how the Houston media giants took over mostly all of the family owned stations. And stick around for another Uncle Waldo!