The KLOL Rock and Roll Softball Championship

The event took place September 2nd, 1990 at The Eighth Wonder of the World, The Houston Astrodome.

Former KLOL promotions director Doug Harris wrote on Facebook: "This is an unbelievable 'find!' Pour yourself something strong and nostalgic, be patient with this outdated technology, and savor every wondrous minute of this flashback. When you see someone we've lost, raise your glass..."

Former KLOL DJ Grego, who led the Outlaw Radio team, wrote on Facebook: "Here’s a KLOL memory not many people have seen in forever. I need to thank 101 fan and good friend from the beginning Mark Britain for taking time to find and post the 1990 Radio Outlaws vs. Groove Dawgs Softball game played in the Astrodome. A lot of superstars no longer with us in this priceless video. (dark at first but video is there). Thanks again Mark!"