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“With Runaway Radio director Mike McGuff has created a raucous rock and roll documentary about the iconic Houston Album-Oriented-Rock (AOR) radio station 101 KLOL. It started in 1970 as a progressive rock station, where DJs played what they liked. It grew into a national phenomenon that was revered and copied widely.”

– Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

“‘Runaway Radio,’ a documentary celebrating the wild and woozy heyday of the pioneering local rock radio station KLOL-FM. On the air from 1970 to 2004, KLOL transformed over its life from shaggy, free-form anarchy to loudmouth, shock-jock insanity, all the while providing the guitar-heavy soundtrack for a couple of generations of head-banging Houstonians.”

– Cary Darling, Houston Chronicle

“Freedom is a theme that comes up frequently in Runaway Radio, a film produced and directed by Houston media blogger Mike McGuff. KLOL broke damn near every rule that had previously governed FM radio, raising a middle finger to local blue noses and keepers of decency for over thirty years. Meantime, KLOL was generating huge ratings and even bigger profits as one of the most successful rock and roll stations in the country. We’re talking powerhouse. The Big Kahuna. King Kong.”

– Tom Richards, Houston Press

“The writer-director keeps the documentary moving at a swift pace while cramming a substantial amount of information in the 83-minute running time making this a must-see for rock fans.”

– Joe Friar, Fort Worth Report

“There are celebrity testimonials to KLOL from artists who actually had a close relationship with the station, and don’t feel forced in as they do in some artist docs. Some are no-brainers (ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, Sammy Hagar), but some come from outside the dominant era of Album Rock radio (Lyle Lovett, who grew up with the station, and Melissa Etheridge, who somehow ended up in a prank war with legendary host Dayna Steele.) But Runaway Radio — the title comes from a KLOL logo featuring a scampering radio with legs –also gives voice to a wide swath of managers, programmers, and DJs from the station’s 1970-2004 history. As the radio-station documentary becomes a sub-genre unto itself, McGuff serves by doing what the best radio columnists did: finding a way to speak both to industry people and rock-radio fans.”

– Ross on Radio (radioINSIGHT)